65 Best YouTube Guitar Lessons and Teachers

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best youtube guitar lessons and teachers
  • My list of the best YouTube Guitar Lessons and Teachers.

Ok, there is no super fast way to become a great guitarist. Like all good things in life, It takes time and effort. Practice, practice, practice! In my experience, the best way to become great is through good, structured teaching. So just watching some YouTube videos is definitely not enough.

At the same time: YouTube is a fantastic distributor of knowledge. Almost every guitar teacher has a YouTube channel these days. Following guitarists that appeal to you is a perfect way to find the guitar teacher and teaching method that suits you. YouTube is like sitting down with your buddy who just learned that new hot blues lick and you can watch, listen and learn it.

Below is a list of the best free YouTube guitar lesons and teachers. Carefully compiled for you based on the suggestions on various guitar forums and social media. From guitarists, for guitarists! Enjoy!

Do you have any suggestions to add to the list? Then please make a comment at the bottom of the blog post. I’m very curious!

Ps. If you are a beginner, then you may also like this list:

1 Steve Stine (GuitarZoom)

Steve Stine

One of the most sought-after guitar teachers in the world is Steve Stine. He is well known for his talent at making learning the guitar enjoyable and simple. He has been playing and instructing for more than 30 years. Millions of guitarists in more than 103 nations have benefited from his simple and rapid methods for playing improvement.

He has played lead guitar in bands that have toured the United States and the United Kingdom. He has a bachelor’s degree in music teaching from Minnesota State University Moorhead. He was formerly the professor of Modern Guitar Studies at North Dakota State University, and he also serves as a featured guest instructor for Guitar World Magazine. Steve is regarded as the best teacher in the world since his students quickly perceive changes in their playing.

2 Jens Larsen

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You can find precise and useful tutorials in jazz guitar and music theory on Jens Larsen’s YouTube channel. He demonstrates how things function and how you can use the tutorials and theory while playing. Because one of the best things about learning jazz is that you can learn to improvise, play jazz music, and create your own music.

While Larsen was performing and touring with his band Traeben in 2014, he was mostly instructing Metallica, Coldplay, and AC/DC. Those musical genres are certainly great, but he truly wanted to teach jazz, so he began posting some lessons on his website. He started making YouTube videos after publishing a handful on Ultimate Guitar. That turned out to be a lot of fun, both for himself and his followers!

3 Marty Schwartz (Marty Music) 

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A great place to learn how to play the guitar on YouTube is Marty Music. Modern-day classic host Marty Schwartz uses his passion and expertise for music to assist others develop their musical skills. Marty will hone your musical skills with everything from guitar instruction to gear reviews.

4 Akshay Sharma (My Guitar Methods)

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Akshay Sharma is a music educator and guitarist. He is the owner of CMET, a prominent music school in Jaipur. He hopes to offer all Indian guitar fans a high-quality learning environment through his YouTube classes. In particular, Bollywood music is taught in the simple language of Hindi. Although studying the guitar might be challenging for beginners, he wants to help them realize their goals.

5 Brian Kelly (Zombie Guitar)

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In order to effortlessly play up and down the neck while always being aware of what he was doing, Brian Kelly’s personal goal with the guitar has always been to comprehend the fretboard. He has been on this path for almost 25 years; it lasts a lifetime.
Some claim that the fixation with “understanding the fretboard,” which frequently leaves people severely sleep deprived, has the potential to convert them into zombies, hence the name Zombie Guitar. All of Kelly’s classes are available on ZombieGuitar.com.

6 Justin Sandercoe (JustinGuitar)

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One of the great guitar instructors in the world is Justin Sandercoe. His website is located at a JustinGuitar.com. Millions of students study guitar thanks to its over 1,300 free video guitar lessons. Justin was a forerunner in the field of online education and recognized a chance to offer the entire globe free access to expert guitar teaching online.

Justin worked as a sideman for performers like Carla Bruni and Katie Melua before dedicating his time and efforts to the website. He also taught at the Guitar Institute in London. In his classes, he draws on his more than 20 years of playing and teaching expertise. He has recognized the stages at which many guitarists struggle and how to help them advance to get the most out of their playing.

7 Ben Higgins

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Ben Higgins is the Master of a Castle of Legendary Guitar Gains and a Professional Guitar Teacher! He has been instructing guitar for more than 20 years and has produced, recorded, and distributed 7 albums. Thousands of guitarists have benefited from his guidance in becoming better players after struggling with poor technique. Right now, there is a ton of bad, insufficient, and excessively complicated guitar guidance available. He’s here to change that.

8 Jack Ruch

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Jack Ruch is a guitar musician and teacher from Nashville who is renowned for his jazz-influenced blues and soul performances. Follow Jack as he demonstrates easy-to-learn yet complicated improvisational, harmonic, melodic, and harmonic coloring techniques for the blues. He provides weekly guitar lesson videos in blues and jazz guitar.


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Guitarist, songwriter, session player, and YouTuber Bernth is from Austria. He provided guitar solos for three platinum albums and won two gold awards for his work on the soundtracks. He earned a degree with honors from the Vienna Music Institute prior to beginning his profession.

In the beginning, Bernth traveled with the Austrian extreme metal band Belphegor as a live guitarist around Europe, the USA, Canada, and Latin America. He joined the Pop/Rock group Seiler und Speer in 2015, adding guitar solos and overdubs to numerous albums and singles that reached the top of the charts.

His combination of instructional videos and dazzling guitar performances earned him a Silver Creator Award in 2020 for surpassing 100,000 subscribers. For a period of time in 2021, he was also the biggest music creator in the world on Patreon.

High praise for Bernth’s debut solo album, “Elevation,” led to features in Guitar World Magazine, Premier Guitar, and other genre-specific media venues in 2021.

10 Brian Sherrill (Active Melody)

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Brian SherrilI was introduced to music at a young age and quickly recognized that it was the only thing that he felt never grew old and that he was good at. He liked building online communities. Around 2009 he decided he could do it by focusing on the guitar.

Today, thanks to new active users on the website Active Melody, over 420,000 YouTube subscribers, and more than 17,000 Facebook likes, the ActiveMelody community is still expanding. Early in 2015, he was able to quit his corporate job and devote all of his time and attention to ActiveMelody. There are currently well over 400 full-length guitar lessons available (each lesson includes tablature, MP3 jam tracks for practice, and often 45 to 1 hour of video content), in addition to 3 complete courses (Essential Theory, The CAGED System, and Lead Guitar Course).

11 Rick Beato (Everything Music)

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American YouTuber Richard John Beato, a multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and educator, was born on April 24, 1962. He is well-known for his Everything Music YouTube channel, where he not only discusses various facets of rock, jazz, and popular music but also conducts interviews with well-known musicians and producers.

He has worked alternately since the early 1980s as a musician, songwriter, audio engineer, and record producer. He has also given music lectures at a number of universities. He is based in Stone Mountain, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, and runs Black Dog Sound Studios there. He has produced music for and collaborated with groups like Needtobreathe, Parmalee, and Shinedown.

12 Ian Stich (The Stich Method)

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Ian Stich has a genuine understanding of both the thoughts of our favorite guitarists and those of a guitar student. To demonstrate to pupils how simple playing the guitar can be, he created the NeverLost Pentatonic series. Follow his channel if you want to master all the best guitar techniques in an approachable way, and even better, play the instrument with assurance.

13 Jake Lizzio (Signals Music Studio)

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After Jake Lizzio gathered the knowledge and tools required to create high-quality audio and music, this hobby gradually evolved into a business. His current objective is to make the best online music courses accessible to everyone who is interested. He helps people write more music, providing lessons and videos on music theory, scales, modes, chords, songwriting techniques, and song analysis with a focus on guitar.

Jake Lizzio started teaching in 2004 during his senior year of high school at Crystal Lake South after playing in high school bands and talent shows. After he started teaching at Piano Trends Music Company in Crystal Lake, he started performing for weddings and other private events and started broadening my repertoire beyond only the guitar. After leaving to teach privately, he started recording his students and himself. Later this evolved into a business involving a YouTube channel and a website where he provides lots of courses.

14 Eric Haugen Guitar

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Eric Haugen is a Berklee College of Music alumnus who makes a living in the Triangle area of North Carolina by teaching, recording, and performing lead guitar. You can find transcriptions, solo guitar arrangements, and guitar lessons on his YouTube Channel. He adores simple, thoughtful melodies as well as twangy guitars, fuzzy psychedelia, open tunings, various styles of slide guitar, and stabby, angular playing.

15 Adam Neely

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Bassist and composer Adam Neely provides essays, tutorials, and vlogs about new directions in music and music theory. Every monday he releases a new video examining the meaning of music and what it means to be a musician.

16 Shredmaster Scott (Shred)

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Shredmaster Scott started his channel to teach others how to master the shred guitar. He provides a channel where where the strength of theory and technique coincide. And where entertainment and education converge. You can find a substantial library of educational materials on Sweep Picking, Alternate Picking, Finger Tapping, Legato, and Music Theory on his channel.

Now, when blowing out some licks, he wants to have fun. As a result, occasional instances of crude humor and beer drinking may occur. He thinks you have a hidden musical genius just waiting to come out. Grab your axe and unleash your inner shredmaster.

17 Mitchell Thomas (MT Guitar)

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Mitchell Thomas releases daily guitar instruction and tutorials. By studying songs, theory, picking methods, and technical exercises, you can learn how to play the guitar. You can learn new songs, riffs, solos, chord progressions, and tunes every day. Scales, fingerpicking, strumming patterns, and more are covered. Discover the fundamentals of rock, pop, country, songwriting, and much more. Good for all skill levels, from beginner to expert.

18 Tom Bukovac (501chorusecho)

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Just take a listen to the Tom Bukovac Homeskoolin’ show’s. Tom always plays with intention and never just noodled aimlessly the same old licks. He is playing while floating through space, but each piece has a musical background and is organized like a song.
Because of his perfect sense of rhythm, you could create an entire song by simply adding bass and drums to his loops. In fact, they’re doing that right now at Shanon Forest Studio in Nashville!

Producer and session musician Tom Bukovac resides in the United States. Bukovac started playing the guitar at the age of eight, and at the age of thirteen, he had his first performances at The Surfside Lounge, a bar owned by his widowed mother in Eastlake, Ohio. In order to pursue a career as a musician, he relocated to Nashville in 1992.

Bukovac has contributed to more than 500 albums, including artists like Steven Tyler, Stevie Nicks, Bob Seger, John Oates, Joan Osborne, Vince Gill, Dave Stewart, Joss Stone, Hank Williams Jr., Sheryl Crow, Don Henley, Carrie Underwood, Richard Marx, Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Willie Nelson, Martina McBride, Faith Hill and Kenny Loggins.

19 Lauren Bateman

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Lauren Bateman helps to make guitar make sense. To provide aspiring guitar aficionados more pleasure playing the music they know and love. She specialize in working with guitar players of all skill levels, from complete beginners who have never touched a guitar before to advanced players who have been finding it difficult to play on their own for years.

Students respond best to slowing down and breaking things down step-by-step, especially older students who are aiming to cross something off their bucket list, such as realizing a lifelong dream of becoming a rock star, even if it’s just in the comfort of their own home.

20 Paul Davids

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An entertaining and inspiring guitar channel that is committed to keep on playing the guitar! Paul Davids, a guitarist, producer, and instructor, offers outstanding guitar playing, lovely arrangements, comparisons, lists, lessons, and other entertaining guitar-related material.

He started playing when he was 13 and attended the Rotterdam Conservatory before earning a bachelor’s degree in music. Since launching his YouTube channel in 2015 under the name “Paul Davids,” he has received millions of views. He currently has more over 1.5 million subscribers, and that number is rising quickly!

His main objectives are to make music and inspire other guitarists around the world. However, he does other things besides just play the guitar. Additionally, Paul creates and writes all of the music that is featured on his YouTube channel. His videos cover a wide range of topics, including guitar tuition, music theory, “Live Guitar Looping” videos, and the breakdown of well-known songs.

21 Joe Murphy

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Joe Murphy, a native of Liverpool in England, has been teaching guitar and performing live for more than 30 years. On his YouTube channel you’ll discover a variety of guitar lessons that are updated frequently and cover a range of songs and playing techniques.

He gives you the knowledge and self-assurance to advance as a musician. As soon as he can, he wants to get you to the point where you can devise your own rhythms and licks and become independent. Another goal of Joes is to provide you with everything necessary to advance your playing. This involves everything he has discovered over the past 40 years of playing the guitar.

22 Griff Hamlin (Blues Guitar Unleashed)

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Through BluesGuitarUnleashed.com, Griff Hamlin has made it his mission to share his passion for the blues and blues guitar in particular. Blues Guitar Unleashed began in his laundry room in 2006—a long time in internet years—and has since expanded to include more than 20 distinct courses and more than 43,000 subscribers worldwide.

Griff obviously feels a duty to both blues music as an art form and to his students. His students feel the same way about him, based on the hordes of Blues Guitar Unleashed fans on Facebook and in the member community. When Griff’s band vehicle and trailer were stolen earlier this year with all of the band’s equipment inside, members of Blues Guitar Unleashed hurried to donate to a GoFundMe campaign (created by a “BGU” member) and raised almost $30,000 in only a few weeks.

Griff exclaimed, “That totally blew me away.” “I often claim to have the most interesting clients on the planet, but that actually surprised me. In my entire life, I’ve never felt more humbled or motivated. And it is this inspiration that keeps him striving to provide everybody who wants to play the blues the greatest possible experience.

23 Dave Tran (GuitarZero2Hero)

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Dave Tran teaches the newest and best songs from all genres, spanning from pop, rock, metal, and country, drawing on his experience teaching guitar to students of all ages. On YouTube he shares simple step-by-step annotated guitar video lesson tutorials.

Along with music and the guitar, Dave Tran has a huge interest for encouraging people to develop their musical abilities. He frequently observes that guitar classes are teaching the most uninteresting subjects. Despite the fact that he thinks musical theory and the fundamentals are crucial, he also think that learning needs to be extremely enjoyable in order to be successful.

He has written music for several bands and worked with renowned producers and engineers in Australia and the US to record more than two full-length albums and seven EPs. His guitar playing skills have allowed him to perform onstage with 30 seconds to mars and Jared Leto.

24 Carl Brown (GuitarLessons365Song)

channels4 profile 4

Carl Brown has made online guitar lessons widely available for more than ten years. He has developed a great online guitar academy. On YouTube he provides note-for-note full song lessons for all styles. These are comprehensive video guitar lessons in a variety of styles for players at all skill levels. Gain a keen musical ear and thorough understanding of your preferred genres. No gimmicks or tricks, just learn how to play properly!

25 Brett Popalopatos (Brett Papa)

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Brett Papa aims to significantly improve our guitar playing! There is something on his YouTube channel for everyone, whether you want to learn how to solo over chord changes, how to combine major and minor pentatonic scales, how the CAGED system may boost your improvising, how to play rhythm guitar like Jimi Hendrix, or much more. He also brings you interviews with some of the top session and touring guitarists in the music business, as well as lessons from them!

26 Mike G. (The-Art-of-Guitar)

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Mike manages a music school, instructs, performs, and records music. He has been a teacher for more than 25 years. Mike’s first intention was to use this to teach my nephew, who lives in another state, how to play the guitar, but he soon realized that everyone might gain from his extensive playing and instructing background. Knowing that anyone may learn guitar from him and that the knowledge will be there long after he’s too old to play himself, gives him a great sense of satisfaction.

27 Andy Crowley (Andy Guitar)

unnamed 24

Andy has a beginner-focused guitar instruction channel! On his YouTube channel you’ll find organized guitar lessons and easy songs that are perfect for new players! Andy is one of the most watched guitar lesson channels on YouTube thanks to his expertise and his years of experience as a teacher on the platform. His most well-known lesson, “Play 10 Songs with 2 Chords,” has amassed the most views of any guitar tutorial on YouTube.

28 Anthony Parker (Near Life Experience)

unnamed 16

You may watch Anthony’s original comedy sketches and music videos on The Near Life Experience, a variety show. He plays the characters in both the comedic routines and the music videos, creating a fictional universe. His comic skits tackle serious subjects in a lighthearted way. The songs in the music videos that he wrote are highly influenced by the music of Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, and Radiohead. He occasionally records cover songs and makes videos for them.

29 Nik Popovic (Nik Nocturnal)

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Metal soloist Nik Nocturnal is from Toronto, Ontario. The Canadian guitarist produces guitar-related stuff, such as covers, reactions, and tutorials, with a heavy emphasis on metal and related genres.

Check out for example “heaviest songs in X tuning” and “most used Y in metal” videos. These videos highlight numerous widespread songwriting and production techniques used in today’s heavy music. Videos like these can also be useful learning tools for people who have no or very little knowledge of musical theory, helping them to possibly recognize the sounds and methods they hear in the music they listen to.

They can also be excellent songwriting reference resources. This kind of material can serve as an entry-level hook for those who want to learn more about the guitar or music in general. Nik regards his videos as a form of “infotainment.”

30 Jared Dines

Untitled design 39

American YouTuber and musician Jared Dines (born October 6, 1989) is well-known for his metalcore-themed and related videos, covers, parodies, and original music. Dines became well-known for his metal renditions of famous songs. As he worked with other artists like Rob Scallon, his fan base rose. Most important question: ‘But does it Djent?’

31 Rick Graham

unnamed 17

Rick Graham is a guitarist and musician from the UK. You can find a wide range of musically-related information on his channel that is intended to aid players in improving their musicianship and technique. Rick covers all aspects of technique, musicianship, and theory within the following musical genres: rock, funk, blues, fusion, metal, and classical/fingerstyle.

32 Andrew Baena

unnamed 18

Canada’s Vancouver is where Andrew Baena is from. His channel is dedicated to all of his artistic activities. The best instrumental metal song covers can be found on this channel, along with amazing djent and metal pop song covers. Bands: He has performed with One More Slice and Galactic Pegasus in addition to Carcosa.

33 Michael Angelo Batio

unnamed 19

Michael Angelo Batio provides a wide range of services, including play-throughs, his own tributes to songs, beginner guitar lessons for those of you who are brand-new to the instrument, and some of the most difficult guitar lessons you will ever find. There is something on this channel for everyone, regardless of how long you have been playing (5 minutes or 25 years).

34 Tyler Larson (Music is Win)

Untitled design 40

Tyler Larson, like so many other young guys, was permanently addicted after discovering the guitar sorceries of Eric Johnson’s Cliffs of Dover and Van Halen’s Eruption at his uncle’s house. Larson is based in Asheville, North Carolina, from where he founded the rapidly expanding multi-platform guitar resource Music Is WinAttending.

His site’s tagline, “Guitar players will get it,” refers to his great eye for all the regular experiences and headaches that are so prevalent among guitarists that they have become invisible.

Larson was given the chance to learn with a variety of world-class guitarists at Berklee, which helped him advance both his guitar playing and musical knowledge.

35 Jared Borkowski

channels4 profile 5

The lessons of Jared are aimed at helping guitarists perform better on the instrument by emphasizing the development of all-around musicianship abilities and a thorough understanding of how music functions on the guitar. He assists you in mastering the guitar so that you can be more imaginative, express yourself freely, stand out as a musical artist, and feel content with life and music.

On his channel a wide range of subjects are covered, such as jazz guitar, chord melody, music theory, improvisation, ear training, classical guitar, solo guitar, fingerstyle and fingerpicking, songwriting, arranging, song analysis, technique, practice psychology, unblocking creativity, composition, chord construction, and more.

36 Tom Hess (TomHessMusicCorp)

unnamed 20 1

Tom Hess has helped countless guitar players from around the world become world-class musicians, professional musicians, world-class guitar teachers, and owners of their own wealthy guitar schools by instructing, training, coaching, and mentoring them.
Tom Hess takes great delight in providing his pupils with enormous value in order for them to realize their full potential and develop the abilities, perspectives, and lifestyles they desire.
Annual live performances by Tom Hess Music Corporation draw hundreds of guitarists and other musicians from more than 50 different nations. He traveled the world with Holy Hell & Rhapsody of Fire and played guitar in the 1.5 million record selling band Rhapsody of Fire.

37 Chris Sherland Guitar

channels4 profile 6

Chris Sherland has many years of experience playing in bands and teaching guitar. In addition to disseminating his knowledge, he hopes to inspire or help stuck guitarists through his YouTube channel. His sincere goal is that some guitarists will find the information he gives and posts to be useful.

Every video he submits has TABs and notation so you can spend more than the 5-8 minutes in the video on a complex or difficult topic. You can find all those TABs on his Patreon website.

38 Guthrie Trapp

channels4 profile 7

Guthrie Trapp is one of the greatest guitar players in Nashville. Trapp is a dynamic, high-energy performer who excels as both a solo artist and a session musician. He excels as one of the best guitar teachers as well.

39 Howard Hart (24/7 Guitar with..)

unnamed 22

On his channel guitarist and teacher Howard Hart performs classic rock, blues, fusion music, and more. He first picked up a guitar when he was just 8 or 9 years old, and even then, he was completely into music, much of which he heard on the radio. He used to watch the Monkees on TV and listen to a lot of Beatles music. All he wanted to do was sing and play the guitar. It didn’t take long for him to start taking it seriously. He was a fan of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and everything else that was popular at the time, including the late-period Beatles music, when he was 10 or 12 years old. And the biggest inspiration came from Jimmy Page…

40 Jonathan Kehew (Song Bike)

Untitled design 42

The videos on the Song Bike Channel of Jonathan Kehwe are a reflection of his many years of instructing new guitarists. Whether you are a complete beginner, returning to the guitar after a long absence, or somewhere in between, Jonathan can support you on your path. In a tiny town, he runs a little music store with his wife where they offer tuition six days a week.

41 James Testani (Good Guitarist)

unnamed 23

For you to enhance your talents, Good Guitarist provides precise, condensed guitar lessons, demos, and tutorials with play-along parts in practically every video. Simple to understand images with chords, rhythm, TAB, and more.

James was first a typical, one-on-one guitar teacher before realizing that his method of teaching guitar could be used to everyone. His writing touched a nerve, and soon his followers more than doubled over night. He tests out each lesson on his students before posting the most effective portions online for use by anyone.

42 Renzo Staiano (Now YOU Shred)

channels4 profile 8

Now YOU Shred is a collection of high-end backing tracks for experienced shredders and newcomers alike! In order to effectively communicate guitar knowledge rather than just play some mp3s, the YouTube tutorials of Renzo Staino use scale grids and music theory. The concept is straightforward: jam together, thus he produces the tracks really simply and attempts to provide a more genuine live feel. In Oakland, California’s Neverland Studios, all music is created.

43 Tommy Echols (The Labyrinth of Limitations)

unnamed 25

The Labyrinth of Limitations is a loose, conversational series exploring a chromatic, improvisatory method of teaching harmony, counterpoint, and melodic figuration that focuses on the musical ideas of legendary jazz pianist and teacher Barry Harris.

Thomas Echols is a graduate of the Accademia Musicale Chigiana in Siena, Italy, the University of Texas, the University of Colorado, and the University of Southern California, where he earned a doctorate in musical arts (Diploma di Merito).

Thomas staged concerts that featured conventional instrumental recitalists, experimental electronics, newly commissioned compositions, and interactive visual projections while serving as visiting creative director for Austin Classical Guitar (Summer, 2015). The Houston Symphony Orchestra’s recording of Wozzeck recently won a Grammy and the prestigious Echo Klassik award for best operatic recording, and he has recorded and performed with both groups. He has also had significant engagements at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Palazzo Chigi (Siena, Italy), The Whittier Bach Festival (LA), The Blanton Museum of Art (Austin), Jones Hall (Houston), and other locations around the world.

45 Adrian Woodward (Anyone Can Play Guitar)

Untitled design 43

Adrian covers a wide range of guitar-related topics on his YouTube channel, placing a special emphasis on the unconventional and the subversive—topics that the bulk of YouTube guitar channels either miss or disregard. Every Friday he posts a new video.

Adrian has been playing guitar for more than 30 years. At the age of 18, he spent a year studying guitar under legends Scott Henderson, Paul Gilbert, and Joe Diorio at the renowned Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles. He moved to London after graduating and started working as a professional player.

He has been a part of numerous popular bands, most notably Cherryfalls, who were signed to Island Records, and The New York Fund, an alt-country band from London. He has performed at all the major festivals, including three performances at Glastonbury, and backed many well-known musicians with each of these bands throughout extended tours around the UK and abroad.

46 Bruce Lindquist

unnamed 27

Bruce Lindquist provides tabs, background tracks, tutorials and guitar lessons on his YouTube channel. Think mainly 1950s, 1960s, surf guitar music, and 1970s stuff. Lives in San Marcos, California. There’s not a lot more known about him, so if you want to know more, just contact him on YouTube or Facebook. 😁

47 Jamie Holroyd Guitar

unnamed 28

On the YouTube channel of Jamie you’ll find a lot of instructional material for jazz guitar. Jamie studied and performed with some of the best artists in the British jazz scene and holds a BA and National Diploma in Jazz Studies from the esteemed Leeds College of Music. He has authored more than 100 pieces for magazines and websites that have been published by Guitar Player and Guitar Tutor. He has also promoted, edited, and produced three comprehensive jazz guitar ebooks.

48 David Brewster (Late Night Lessons)

Untitled design 44

If you follow the Late Night Lessons of David Brewster you get lessons from an AIM honors graduate, best-selling author for Hal Leonard, and contributor to the magazines Guitar Player and Premier Guitar. I especially like his ‘The Chordplay of…’-series, and his kind and laid back explanation of the greatest licks of even greater guitarist.

In addition to his musical training and publications, David has played and toured around the US with a number of artists. David has experience performing and teaching music professionally for more than 20 years.

49 Ben Eller

unnamed 29

Ben Eller is known for his incredible guitar skills on the show “This is Why You Suck at Guitar,” which features guitar lessons. On his YouTube channel, ‘uncle Ben’ demonstrates a laid-back and upbeat attitude while guiding players of all skill levels through a Megadeth solo or teaching them the fundamental chords.

Eller had plenty of free time growing up as a homeschooled child after doing his homework. At the age of 16, after his older brother brought home a number of vintage Metallica records, including “Ride The Lighting (1984)” and “Master of Puppets (1986), he became obsessed with playing the guitar.

After listening to guitar masters like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Eddie Van Halen, Eller decided to share his newly discovered passion and curiosity for learning with other guitar enthusiasts.

50 Troy Grady

unnamed 30

If you want to enjoy the most fabulous animations and a little Rock History, be sure to check out Grady’s YouTube channel. In order to crack the code of virtuoso guitar playing, the acclaimed Cracking the Code project combines archival footage, in-depth interviews, cartoons, and cutting-edge video analysis.

His paid subscription series Masters in Mechanics delves deeply into the theory and practice of guitar playing. On his website you can find multi-hour seminars, tablature downloads, interviews with eminent musicians and academics, samples of slow motion film, and more.

51 Rick Stickney (TastyGuitar.com)

Untitled design 45

Rick Stickney, a guitarist and instructor who specializes in R&B, soul, funk, and blues buitar, reveals the techniques for playing tasty guitar. Discover the elements of taste guitar playing on his channel.

Rick began playing music in the middle of the 1980s, at the height of the hair metal era. Rick started playing in a 50s and 60s rock and roll band after graduating from high school, trading in his spandex for a Telecaster. Playing that early music, in Rick’s words, “truly awakened my ears to what great guitar playing was actually about.” Rick continued to develop his craft for the following seven years by playing in bars, gatherings, and festivals in the greater Seattle area.

52 James James

unnamed 32

James James is the real deal and has been generously sharing how-to and instructional videos for years. James James is a fantastic guy. And even though he has only seen one of their concerts, he also leads the league in Stones shirts. For the average guitarist, he provides an excellent service.

53 Tim Pierce Guitar

Untitled design 46

Tim Pierce, a session guitarist located in Los Angeles, opens up about every facet of his career. A wide range of illustrious guests, a ton of fantastic gear, and a ton of guitar advice and tuition. You’ve found the correct channel if you want to play, laugh, and learn about EVERYTHING guitar from a real-world “first call” industry professional.

54 Robert Baker

unnamed 33

The intention of Robert Baker is to make learning the guitar enjoyable, perhaps amuse you, and, with any hope, get you to Rock Out! The Tragically Hip’s lead guitarist, is a Canadian guitarist who in 2005 put out an album under the name Stripper’s Union.

55 David Wallimann

unnamed 34

David Wallimann is here to help you master the electric guitar while also fostering the development of your unique musical style and having fun. He offers simple courses every week to assist you communicate thoughts that are occasionally difficult to put into words. Every Monday and Thursday, tune in for a fresh, simple lesson that you can learn in a matter of minutes.

In 1977, David Wallimann was born in the southern French city of Aix-en-Provence. At the age of 15, he began playing the guitar. He then pursued a musical education by studying advanced guitar at the CMA School of Music in Valenciennes, where he received a degree with honors.

56 Tomo Fujita Music

unnamed 35

Father and funk master teaching you life and guitar lessons spanning decades. Not to worry! Avoid comparing! Not too quickly, please! Take care of yourself! In addition to playing professionally, Tomo Fujita teaches guitar in Boston, Massachusetts’ Berklee College of Music. He has been a professor at Berklee for about 30 years.

57 Matt Warnock Guitar (MWG)

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You will learn how to play jazz guitar from Matt Warnock He has dedicated his life to assisting students in achieving their aspirations of performing this unique genre of music, starting with the first jazz guitar lesson I ever gave at the age of 17.

He has taught countless aspiring musicians like you how to study jazz standards and improvisation over the past 27 years since that first lesson. He has taught over 8,000 one-on-one jazz guitar lessons during my career, more than 500 seminars, and 11 million guitar students online, establishing himself as a specialist in resolving jazz topics and assisting students in getting past their musical obstacles. He firmly thinks that anybody and everyone can play jazz guitar with the correct instruction and motivation.

58 Josh Smith

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Check out his channel for Bluesrockjazzsoulguitarmusic! Josh Smith, a blues guitarist from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was born on October 7, 1979. He currently resides in Los Angeles and works as a song producer at Flat V Studios. Smith was ranked 16th on Guitar World magazine’s list of “The 30 Best Blues Guitarists in the World Today” in 2019.

59 Rhett Shull

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On the channel of Rhett Shull you’ll find gear reviews, how to lessons and vlogs. He is based in Atlanta/Nashville. Rhett Shull is a true expert in guitar tone. A pedal board and amp set-up that would be ideal for bringing out the best in any guitar’s tone was painstakingly assessed by him. Rhett is most famous for playing guitar for Noah Guthrie.

60 Chris Zoupa

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A YouTube channel where you can learn a ton about metal and rock guitar. Chris Zoupa is a guitarist, author, instructor, and part-time producer who lives in Melbourne. He has had a large student body for the past 15 years and has refined his teaching style into what he refers to as “The Zoupa Method.”

61 Lee John Blackmore

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Musician, artist, and tutor Lee John Blackmore Guitar covers, tutorials, music videos, vlogs, and more every week. His channel was created as a resource for my guitar students as well as for everyone else to use. His goal is to impart his expertise and encourage musicians of all levels, not just newcomers. Lee John Blackmore is a guitarist, vocalist, and musician from the United Kingdom. He has been writing and performing music professionally since the 2000s, but she has always done so.

62 Sean Daniel

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One guitar lesson, music video, gear review, and shoddy cartoon at a time, Sean Danielis rocking the globe. Daniel teaches at his studio in the city, performs on the roof of the Westin Hotel, and creates music and animated videos at his house on Siesta Key. A million people watch the bizarre and frequently hilarious films each month, with names like How to Recover From a Nightmare Gig! and Learn Every Blues Song Ever in 8 Minutes.

63 Andrew Wasson

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Andrew Wasson, a guitarist and educator, began learning the instrument when he was eight years old. Throughout his childhood and adolescence, he studied the guitar with a number of local instructors before eventually running into Chet Breau, the son of Lenny Breau.

Chet Breau, like his father Lenny, is a seasoned musician from Manitoba and a guitar virtuoso. Chet persuaded Andrew to apply to the Los Angeles Musicians Institute, the same school Chet attended.

64 Ricky Comiskey

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Ricky Comiskey has been teaching guitar for around 30 years. He has a ton of fun guitar lessons for you. He prefers to keep the lessons short, to the point, and free of waffle and pitch. He absolutely adores conducting live streams, so he’s thrilled to meet you in the superchat.

Check out his playlists since he likes to create short guitar courses that focus on particular areas of learning the guitar, such as pentatonic scales, practicing the instrument, and plenty of other great stuff for beginning players.

65 Drew Bentley Guitar

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Drew Bentley wants to make learning easier and more enjoyable. You’ll develop quickly, play correctly, and learn the appropriate method to do things. To share the knowledge he hasgained from teaching private guitar lessons for 25 years, he started his YouTube channel. Lessons cover a wide range of subjects, techniques, and musical genres and styles. From choosing the correct axe to learning their first song to the more seasoned musician wishing to step it up a notch, my purpose is to assist the brand-new student.

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