99 Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners

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99 Easy Guitar Songs

As a beginning guitarist all you need to develop your skills is a good list of easy guitar songs for beginners. The beauty of the guitar is that you can learn to play a huge amount of songs pretty quickly from the start. It gives an enormous kick to be able to play along with well-known songs. And the positive reactions from friends and family will also motivate you to continue. I have compiled a list of 99 songs that will get you started right away.

How to use the list of easy guitar songs

Based on a week of research reviewing loads of easy guitar songs and my 35 years of experience as a guitarist I’ve built a challenging list of songs that you can use to increase the difficulty for yourself in various ways. I’d like to briefly explain that.

Playing guitar starts with learning to play chords. For the first list of songs you only need to master 2 chords. In doing so, you begin by learning to play what are known as open chords. These are the simplest guitar chords and they are usually played in the so-called first position: that is at the very front of the guitar neck, close to the guitar’s tuning knobs. A little later you can also try playing so-called barre chords. In these chords you cover all six strings with your index finger, and put your other fingers on the different frets ‘behind your index finger’.

You can then challenge yourself by choosing songs with more chords. It then becomes more difficult for yourself, because you will also have to change chords more often and faster. I have compiled lists of songs with 3 chords, songs with 4 chords, and songs with 5 chords. In other words, if you go through the list ‘vertically’, it becomes increasingly difficult because the songs will consist of more and more chords.

But also if you go through the list ‘horizontally’ the complexity increases. For each song, in addition to the chord diagrams, I have included links to guitar tablature, abbreviated as ‘tabs‘. With guitar tablature you can see exactly which fret positions are played. Here you can see more details. For example, so-called ’embellishments’ of chords, which make chords sound nicer with some extra notes, or for example a certain melody line of the song. In the beginning it might be a bit difficult, but you can always make it easier for yourself by leaving out certain embellishments or notes. And for the two song chords the tabs are often identical to the chords, so it doesn’t get too difficult right away.

Because I’ve included links to both chord diagrams and tabs, you’ll learn to approach songs in different ways, and you’ll experience that there are always multiple ways (with different positions on the guitar neck!) to play a song. I have also included links to instructional videos on youtube, in which different guitar teachers demonstrate their approach, so you can also see how others play. Based on this information, you can choose which way appeals to you the most, and which fits your current playing level.

Now let’s get to it! There are songs in several genres, from several decades so there are plenty of songs of your liking in this list. Go ahead and try to play some easy two chord guitar songs, or read more information below to prepare yourself even better.


Learning how to play easy guitar songs

Reading Chord Diagrams

Guitar chord Chart 2

Chord diagrams are symbolic pictures of the fretboard on the guitar neck seen from above. The vertical lines represent the strings, the horizontal lines the frets. On the frets you place your fingers (place them right below the fret bars).
The bottom most string is called the sixth string. It is on the far left of the picture. The thinnest upper string is called the first string. This one is at the very right of the picture.
At the very top of the picture is the name of the chord. The thick line underneath represents the so-called ‘nut’ of the guitar: the last piece of the guitar neck on which the strings rest, on their way to the tuning mechanics. At the bottom are numbers, either an X or a 0:

  • X means you shouldn’t play this string or you should ‘mute’ it.
  • 0 means you should play an open string here, that is, the string without any of your fingers on it.
  • The numbers 1, 2, 3 or 4 refer to the first, second, third and fourth finger on your hand. And the T stands for your thumb.

Playing With a Capo

Untitled design 26

A capo is a clamp that you can place at any position on the guitar neck. With a capo, you raise the key of the guitar. For example, if you place a capo on the second fret, and play a C chord, it sounds like a D chord.

The big advantage for beginning guitarists is that a capo makes playing guitar much easier. So use a capo right away, because it will motivate you to learn more and faster. In the lists of songs below are therefore several instructional videos in which the song is played with a capo.

Another advantage is that you can give the same chords a different sound (alternative voicing), if you play them with the help of a capo. And if you play together with other people, you can also easily change the key of a song without having to play different chords. So no problem if a singer or a keyboard player has learned the song in a different key. Capo on it, and you can play together perfectly in the same key. Make sure you clamp the capo correctly: always place the capo parallel to the fret bar, when you ‘release’ the capo to secure the strings.

You may also like to read my review of best guitar capos:

Different Strumming Patterns

If you can play a few chords, with and without a capo, the challenge in the beginning will be to be able to change chords quickly. At first, you’ll want to look at your own fingers to see if they’re landing on the right frets. But soon you will find that this is no longer necessary. Practice well on the chord transitions and try to work towards being able to change chords with your eyes closed!
In addition to changing chords, the rhythm with which you play the chords is important. The list below includes many references to Ultimate-Guitar, one of the largest chord and tab databases on the Internet. On the chord pages you will also find strumming patterns.

Tips for learning strumming patterns:

  • Practice the pattern with only one chord;
  • Pronounce the pattern out loud while playing;
  • Relax your arms;
  • Hold your pick loosely in your hand;
  • And keep a loose wrist;
  • Then try to play along with the song.

Blisters and Sore Fingers?!

Okay, now for the part they don’t tell you about beforehand, and the part that advanced guitarists have often already forgotten: sore fingers. When you start playing guitar, the calluses on your fingertips have yet to form. In contrast to the motivation of “getting the hang of” familiar beautiful songs, and the applause from friends and family, is the pain you will feel in your fingers in the beginning. Your fingers will say, “what part of ouch do you not understand?”

My message is: hang in there! The pain will lessen and the blisters will go away and give way to a feature you will share with all other guitarists: a protecting layer of calluses on your fingertips! Every guitarist has gone through this phase, and you can too!

Two chord easy guitar songs

easy two chord guitar songs for beginners
easy two chord guitar songs for beginners
SongArtistChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
1. Born in the USABruce SpringsteenChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
2. Achy Breaky HeartBilly Ray CyrusChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
3. Break on ThroughThe DoorsChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
4. Everyday PeopleSly & The Family StoneChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
5. When Love Comes To TownU2 & B.B. KingChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
6. A Horse With No NameAmerica ChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
7. Something In The WayNirvanaChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
8. Blurred LinesRobin ThickeChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
9. 505Arctic MonkeysChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
10. Lady In BlackUriah HeepChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
11. Whole Lotta LoveLed ZeppelinChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
12. Dance The Night AwayThe MavericksChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
13. You Can Never TellChuck BerryChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
14. What I GotSublimeChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
15. Feeling AlrightJoe CockerChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
16. Tulsa TimeEric ClaptonChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
17. Unknown LegendNeil YoungChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
18. Uptown FunkMark RonsonChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
19. JambalayaHank WilliamsChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
20. SolitudeBlack SabbathChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
21. Day O – Banana Boat SongHarry BelafonteChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
22. Eleanor RigbyThe BeatlesChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
23. Lively Up YourselfBob MarleyChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
24. DreamsFleetwood MacChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
25. Dream LoverBobby DarinChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
26. Miss YouThe Rolling StonesChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
27. I Only Want YouEagles Of Death MetalChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
28. Mollies LipsNivanaChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
29. Jane SaysJane’s AddictionChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
30. LDNLily AllenChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
31. Give Peace A ChanceJohn LennonChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
32. Tenessee WhiskeyChris StapletonChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
33. SatisfactionRolling StonesChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
34. Stop WhisperingRadioheadChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
35. Anyone Else But YouThe Moldy PeachesChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
36. Heavon is a HalfpipeOPMChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
37. SingEd SheeranChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
38. Moves Like JaggerMaroon 5ChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
39. Use MeBill WithersChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
40. Your Love Gets SweeterFinley QuayeChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson

Three chord easy guitar songs

easy three chord guitar songs for beginners
easy three chord guitar songs for beginners
SongArtistChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
41. Bad Moon RisisingCCRChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
42. Free Fallin’Tom PettyChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
43. Blowin’ in the WindBob DylanChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
44. DesireU2ChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
45. The JokerSteve Miller BandChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
46. I Gotta FeelingThe Black Eyed PeasChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
47. Hound DogElvis PresleyChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
48. Jonny B GoodeChuck BerryChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
49. Just the Way You AreBruno MarsChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
50. Love Me DoThe BeatlesChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
51. Mr Tambourine ManBob Dylan/The ByrdsChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
52. Ring of FireJonny CashChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
53. Mannish BoyMuddy WatersChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
54. Twist and ShoutBeatlesChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
55. Three Little BirdsBob MarleyChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
56. Sweet CarolineNeil DiamondChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
57. Lean On MeBill WithersChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
58. Have A Nice DayStereophonicsChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
59. Walk On The Wild SideLou ReedChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
60. Chasing CarsSnow PatrolChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
61. I Have A DreamABBAChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
62. I Can’t ExplainThe WhoChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
63. Wild ThingThe TroggsChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
64. Knockin on Heavon’s DoorEric ClaptonChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
65. MargarittavilleJimmy BuffettChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
66. SongbirdOasisChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
67. Growing On MeThe DarknessChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
68. YungbludCotton CandyChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
69. La BambaRitchie ValensChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
70. CrossroadsCreamChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson

Four chord easy guitar songs

easy four chord guitar songs for beginners
easy four chord guitar songs for beginners
SongArtistChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
71. Knockin’ On Heaven’s DoorBob DylanChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
72. Talkin’ Bout A RevolutionTracey ChapmanChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
73. Old Town RoadLil Nas XChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
74. PollyNirvanaChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
75. Brown Eyed GirlVan MorrisonChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
76. Bitter Sweet SymphonyThe VerveChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
77. Paperback WriterThe BeatlesChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
78. Rockin’ In The Free WorldNeil YoungChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
79. Personal JesusDepeche Mode ChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
80. I Believe In A Thing Called LoveThe DarknessChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
81. Just Like HeavenThe CureChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
82. Bitter Sweet SymphonyThe VerveChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
83. Good 4 YouOlivia RodrigoChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
84. It’s Only Rock N RollThe Rolling StonesChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
85. Under The BridgeRed Hot Chili PeppersChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
86. StarstruckYears & YearsChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
87. Upside DownJack JohnsonChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
88. Lean On MeBill WithersChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
89. Cast No ShadowOasisChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
90. Blinding LightsThe WeekndChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson

Five chord easy guitar songs

easy five chord guitar songs for beginners
easy five chord guitar songs for beginners
SongArtistChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
91. OneU2ChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
92. Wonderful TonightEric ClaptonChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
93. Wildest DreamsTaylor SwiftChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
94. AngieThe Rolling StonesChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
95. Don’t You Forget About MeThe Simple MindsChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
96. Man On The MoonR.E.M.ChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
97. Take On MeA-HAChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
98. How To Save A LifeThe FrayChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson
99. House Of The Rising SunThe AnimalsChordsChords LessonTabsTabs Lesson

The Bottom Line

Thanks for visiting my list of 99 easy guitar songs! I hope the list helps you with your first steps on the path of a becoming a great guitarist. I would love to hear about your experiences or maybe your tips to add to and improve this list. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

Happy playing! 🎸



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