Yamaha Revstar 2022 Review – RSS20 and RSP02T

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Yamaha Revstar 2022 RSS20 and RSP02T

This is my review of the new Yamaha Revstar guitars. I take a closer look at the Yamaha Revstar Standard RSS20 and the Yamaha Revstar Professional RSP02T.

Reinvention of the Yamaha Revstar 

Yamaha’s Revstar Line is getting a significant upgrade seven years after it was first introduced to the market. The series cleverly maintains all of its original style throughout the process. Are we at the top level now? Let’s find out!

Yamaha | Revstar Series Electric Guitars – Overview and Artist Impressions

Yamaha’s Revstar series made its initial introduction in 2015. It was preceded by a protracted period of planning during which neither money nor time was spared. Prototypes of the Revstar were delivered to professionals all around the world to get important feedback. The series was therefore impressive and received much acclaim. The series only seldom saw the addition of new models in the years that followed. Yamaha also produced numerous customized versions for well-known performers, but it did not make these versions widely available or put them into mass production.

So it is fair to say that the Revstar series kind of stagnated. But now there is a jump to a brand new edition in which almost every little thing has been changed or enhanced. All while preserving the design and appearance of the Mk II models.

Three categories make up the series: Element for novices, Standards for mid-range models, and Professional models. The Professional versions are made in Japan, while the Standards are made in Indonesia. Here, I examine the Professional RSP02T and the Standard RSS20.


Yamaha Revstar RSS20

Yamaha Revstar RSS20
  • Price indication: $ 800
  • Body: Mahogany, chambered.
  • Neck: Mahogany, 3-pc., carbon reinforcement.
  • Fretboard: Rosewood, 22 jumbo stainless steel frets.
  • Pickups: VH5b Alnico 5 humbucker (bridge), VH5n Alnico 5 humbucker (neck).
  • Controls: master volume, master tone (push/pull for focus); switch: 5-way.
  • Hardware: bridge: tune-o-matic with stopbar tailpiece; hardware finish: chrome; tuners: die-cast.
  • Other:  incl. gig bag

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zzounds button on grey
Thomann 3

Yamaha Revstar RSP02T

Yamaha Revstar RSP02T
  • Price indication: $ 2000
  • Body: mahogany, chambered and carbon reinforcement.
  • Neck: Mahagony, 3-pc., carbon reinforcement.
  • Fretboard: Rosewood, 22 jumbo stainless steel frets.
  • Pickups: p90 (bridge), p90 (neck).
  • Controls: master volume, master tone (push/pull for focus); switch: 5-way.
  • Hardware: bridge: tune-o-matic with racing tailpiece; hardware finish: chrome; tuners: die-cast.
  • Other: incl. case.

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Thomann 3


The guitars’ bodies use the original Revstar contour, which was modeled by the vintage Yamaha SG. The mahogany body has some hollow spots.

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On the RSP02T, a strip of graphite between the bridge and tailpiece and a strip beyond it complement the thin maple top. The neck is bonded, and the body is beveled like a Strat. The neck thus penetrates the body below the neck portion (again, the guitar is reinforced with strips of graphite). The neck has small inlaid position marks and jumbo frets made of stainless steel, an upgrade over earlier models.

Both instruments’ fingerboard radii measure 12 inches (305 mm). The guitars have a tune-o-matic bridge, with the trapeze tailpiece on the Professional and a stop tailpiece on the Standard. The Standard is equipped with VH5 humbuckers, while the Professional has P-90 pickups.

There is a five-way element switch in addition to a straightforward volume control and tone control that can be pulled out for the so-called “Focus Switch.”

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Despite having a portion of their body hollowed out, the Revstars are somewhat heavy. They also see themselves as being somewhat smaller while playing. Playing is enjoyable while seated or standing. The addition of soft silk lacquer to the back of the neck is a welcome upgrade. Despite the price difference, there is no discernible difference in the playability of the two guitars.


Yamaha Revstar RSS20 2024

Two VH5 humbuckers on the RSS20 give the guitar a classic Gibson tone. With a rough and robust bridge element and a somewhat rounded and more vocal neck element, it has a mainstream sound. Position 2 provides slightly more high end, as expected, and position 4 sounds slightly richer and thicker. It sounds as though you have slightly reduced the volume of a Les Paul’s neck section if you choose to use both pickups. Take a listen to some overdrive samples:

Yamaha | Revstar Standard RSS20 | Guitar Sound Samples – Overdrive

Yamaha Revstar RSP02T 2024

As we would anticipate from single coils, the RSP02T features two soap bars that provide a water less rich and crisper sound. This is ideal for playing chords and arpeggios, for instance, when the volume is lowered. The guitar has a crisp, clean sound.

Both guitars contain a feature known as “treble bleed” that makes it easier to preserve high notes when the volume is reduced. The ‘Focus Switch,’ which was discussed before, is a development that provides a passive boost: everything gets a little louder, with the exception of the highest frequencies. This results in a slight loss of clarity; consider the well-known, fat Santana sounds. Take a listen to some overdrive samples:

Yamaha | Revstar Professional RSP02T | Guitar Sound Samples – Overdrive

Pros and cons


  • Gorgeous design distinguishes it from other guitars
  • Treble bleed for preserving higher tones at a reduced volume.
  • Unique Focus-Switch for passive boost


  • Not too much weight, but still a significant amount (3,69 and 3,86 kg)
  • Some players might not find the “Focus Switch sounds” appealing.

Yamaha Revstar 2022 – Alternatives

Reverend Sensei RA

Reverend Sensei RA 

This guitar cranks up the heat for the rock and metal player. The ground-breaking Railhammer Chisel pickups are installed, followed by an ebony fretboard and gloss finish. As a result, the feel is quicker, the tone is tighter, and the attack is stronger.

The Sensei RA is the ideal guitar for today’s heavy musicians since it combines traditional style with contemporary features.

Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy

Ephiphone Les Paul Prophecy 

This guitar is equipped with quite 2 active Fluence humbuckers by Fishman. Here you have amplified not only high gain humbucker sound to play with. When you use the push/pull function of the tone controls you select a vintage PAF-style pickup sound and for hum-free single-coil sounds you do the same with the volume knobs.

PRS Standard SE 24-08

PRS Standard SE 24-08  

A workhorse guitar with a mahogany body that combines authentic single-coil tones with strong humbucking tones.

Its PRS TCI “S” pickups are connected to two mini-toggle coil split switches and a 3-way toggle switch in order to create a total of eight different pickup configurations.

The PRS SE Standard 24-08 will keep you playing without compromise thanks to its wide spectrum of tones and rock-solid dependability.

Verdict of the 2022 Yamaha Revstars

The Revstar has improved even further with these new iterations. However, it’s more accurate to say that Yamaha’s following its philosophies by doing more of their own thing. The guitars are exceptionally well made and feature unusual accessories.

Presumably the hollowing out of parts of the body was done mainly to get the kind of responsiveness that guitars in the higher price segment have. The Revstar professional has a beautiful and refined Japanese design and a sound all its own. It can easily compete with other guitars in this price range. It is a lot more expensive than the Standard, which is also well built and produces a very nice sound. It is therefore advisable to try out the various Revstar models beforehand.

Yamaha Revstar RSS20

Yamaha Revstar RSS20

Yamaha Revstar RSP02T

Yamaha Revstar RSP02T

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