Lava Music Blue Lava Guitar Review (2024) – The Smartest Guitar?

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Blue Lava Guitar Review

This is my Lava Music Blue Lava Guitar Review.

In 2010, Steve Jobs introduced the iPad. He showed how great it was to be able to scroll and click with your hands. A new experience was signaled: “Holding the Internet in your hands. Could the same kind of transformation be possible for the acoustic guitar?

I think Lava Music’s “smart guitars” come pretty close: an acoustic guitar with a touch screen, with a combination of apps that help you learn. With sounds and beats that inspire you to write your own songs while on the go. Because the Blue Lava can (also) be considered a modern travel guitar. Our conclusion: the smart guitar is an exciting concept with many useful features. It’s an innovative, high-quality travel guitar that is designed for musicians who want a guitar that is portable, durable, and easy to play. Let’s dive in!


Lava Music Blue Lava Guitar Review

BLUE LAVA | To the ones who dream | LAVA MUSIC
Blue Lava Guitar Review-3
  • Price indication: $750 with touchscreen, $500 without touchscreen.
  • Design: Parlor
  • Neck: HPL (high-pressure laminate), Nut width: 42.9 mm, Scale length: 597 mm, 18 Frets.
  • Fretboard: HPL (high-pressure laminate)
  • Connections: WiFi and Bluetooth 
  • Controls:  
  • Software: HILAVA system with powerful integrated apps (including tuner, metronome, various effects, trainer, rhythm tracks, looper and recorder)
  • Other: Multi-touchscreen, FreeBoost technology uses the back of the LAVA ME guitar as a loudspeaker, Preamp: L3 Smart Preamp with Freeboost 2.2 Technology


  • Lots of features, simple to use.
  • Compact: easy to transport, whether you’re traveling by car, plane, or train.
  • Great to play. he low action and comfortable neck profile are often cited as key factors that make it easy to play chords and lead lines.
  • Good sound quality: clear and balanced tone.
  • The unique blue lava finish is a distinctive feature of the Blue Lava Guitar, and many guitarists appreciate the guitar’s stylish and eye-catching appearance.


  • A few guitarists have reported some issues with the guitar’s intonation or setup, although these seem to be relatively uncommon.
  • The Blue Lava Guitar is priced at the higher end of the market, which may be a barrier for some players. You may buy a version without a touch screen, but what is a smart guitar without a touch screen? 😉

Check price:

Thomann 3

Body and Neck

Lava Music Blue Lava Guitar Review

Blue lava guitar unboxing by Dominique

The Blue Lave has a clean, futuristic look, perhaps with a perspective of the guitar as a true “plaything. It would fit perfectly in Apple’s ‘Spaceship Headquarters’ but is really in place in any modern interior. The guitar is available in Sail White, Midnight Black, Coral/Lavender, Aqua/Mint Green and Ice/Ocean Blue anti-scratch matte finishes. The sound hole is in an unusual location. High-pressure manufactured laminate was used for the Blue Lave, bringing the cost down. (The Lava ME 3 smart guitar is made of carbon fiber). Despite its small size, the guitar has a full-sized neck and fretboard, so you can play it just like a regular guitar.


Lava Music Blue Lava Guitar Review

The guitar is equipped with the so-called HILAVA system that provides the software with all kinds of tools. Think of a tuner, a metronome, recorder, looper, exercises. Also special is the FeeBoost 2.0 “effects actuator” that allows you to use more than 30 effect presets.

Most of these effects can be used without plugging in the guitar. That gives opportunity for a fun exploration of all the possibilities. The interface is clear and user-friendly and the sounds are very diverse. One drawback is that the Blue Lava has no controller to balance the acoustic signal and the effects signal. There are also no options to control other parameters.

blue lava guitar apps


The guitar feels comfortable while playing. The string tension is friendly for beginners. The guitar has a low action and a comfortable neck profile, which makes it easy to play chords and lead lines. It also has a built-in preamp and tuner, so you can plug it into an amplifier or PA system and play live.



The sound hole is remarkably deep for a 23.5-inch (597 mm) scale. The Blue Lava Guitar is known for its clarity, sustain, and balanced tone. he guitar has a full bass response and the timbre is on the soft, warm side. The highs are tempered and there is not much punch in the midrange. It is a versatile instrument that can handle a variety of playing styles, from fingerpicking to strumming to lead playing.

Lava Music Blue Lava – Alternatives

Yamaha FGC TA Vintage Tint TransAcoustic

Yamaha FGC-TA Vintage Tint TransAcoustic

The Yamaha FG-TA Vintage Tint is an acoustic guitar that features the company’s TransAcoustic technology, which allows the guitar to generate reverb and chorus effects without the need for external amplification or effects pedals. The guitar has a dreadnought body shape, solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and a vintage tint finish. The FG-TA Vintage Tint also includes Yamaha’s Atmosfeel pickup and preamp system, which allows the guitar to be amplified if desired.



The LAVA ME3 is an acoustic-electric guitar that features a unique one-piece carbon fiber construction, which makes the guitar lightweight and durable. The guitar also includes LAVA Music’s FreeBoost technology, which allows the guitar to be played without the need for an external amplifier or other equipment. The ME3 has a minimalist design with no soundhole, instead utilizing an air resonance structure to project sound. It also features a built-in pickup and preamp system for amplification, and includes a gig bag for easy portability.

LAG THV10DCELB Tramontane HyVibe

LAG THV10DCELB Tramontane HyVibe

The LAG THV10DCELB Tramontane HyVibe is an acoustic-electric guitar that incorporates HyVibe technology, allowing the guitar to produce onboard effects and amplification without the need for external equipment. The guitar has a dreadnought body shape, solid red cedar top, and African sapele back and sides. The THV10DCELB features a slimline, mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard, and a cutaway design for easy access to higher frets. Other features include a direct output jack, integrated tuner, and USB charging port. The guitar is finished in a sleek, black high gloss finish.

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Customer Reviews – Lava Music Blue Lava


If you are looking for a guitar that is different, you will definitely find it here. The guitar has a great concept and is a lot of fun to play. It is well made and very comfortable to play. The sound is also surprisingly warm and balanced for the size of the guitar. It sounds acoustically really good and if you switch on the guitar, it offers many possibilities.

The effects are great for playing with different sounds on the sofa without having to set up an amp and pedals. They are also useful live (duo-singer-songwriter music).

The recording function and the ability to create loops is great for practicing, but cannot be used live. But it shouldn’t serve the purpose either.

Also the possibility to mix the built-in microphone with the pickup in the output is really great to adjust the guitar sound. Especially in guitar-vocal line-up, this function brings more sound.

This has got to be the way some new guitars go, an iPhone/guitar combo, lots of fun, training, tuner, effects, looper I could go on, needed a little reduction in action but love it.


While the Blue Lava Guitar certainly looks stunning, it’s difficult to justify the high price tag when compared to other travel guitars on the market. Additionally, while the sound quality is decent, it doesn’t quite match up to the warmth and resonance of a traditional wooden guitar. Some players may find the tone to be a bit one-dimensional, and the intonation can be a bit finicky. Overall, while the Blue Lava Guitar has its strengths, it may not be the best choice for all players. (Source: Guitar World)

Verdict – Lava Music Blue Lava

The touchscreen is beautiful and offers numerous possibilities. The available effects are inspiring. The app offers beginners useful exercises for chord transitions and scales. When traveling, it is nice to have all these things available. The looper works well, but the playback volume is a bit too low to play along with your own loops.
In short: a very promising concept that could be worked out a bit better in places. But as with the Ipad, the beauty is that it receives upgrades, adding new capabilities to the guitar.

Lava Music Blue Lava

blue lava white

Check price:

Thomann 3
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