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Fender Meteora HH - Player Plus Series

This is my review of the Fender Meteora HH.

The Player Plus series is the top line of Fenders made in Mexico. A couple of new models have recently been added to this line: the Meteora HH and the Meteora Bass. 

My conclusion: The Meteora HH is an affordable, professional guitar with modern options. In the composition of the guitar Fender has listened carefully to the wishes of contemporary guitarists. As a result, the Meteora is ideal for anyone who finds a stratocaster or telecaster too standard.

Let’s dive in!


Fender Meteora HH

Fender Meteora HH
  • Price indication: $ 900-1150
  • Body: Alder
  • Neck: maple, Modern “C”, 25.5″ (648 mm)
  • Fretboard: Pau ferro,  22 Medium jumbo frets
  • Pickups: 2 Fireball humbuckers
  • Controls: Master volume control, Tone control for neck pickup, Tone control for bridge pickup
  • Hardware: Nickel/Chrome 
  • Other: Pearloid Dot fretboard inlays, 2-Point synchronised tremolo with brushed steel saddles, Deluxe cast/sealed locking tuners with short posts, Incl. deluxe gig bag.
Fireball humbucking pickupsPunchy sound with lots of clarity
Modern C-shape neck profileC-shaped neck profile that is slightly slim
Alder bodyLight weight and a wide tonal range
12-inch fretboard radiusComfortable flatter feel

Shape and colors

Fender Meteora HH

In 2016, the Fender Meteora debuted as one of the “Alternate Reality” models. These were instruments that resembled vintage Fender models but were never manufactured. The whole concept was to take many models and combine them to create a brand-new instrument. The question: “What if?” was posed to the models in the lineup. Imagine combining a Jaguar with a Jazzmaster with a Telecaster headstock.

Fender is clearly aiming for the younger or more alternative guitarist. You can see that for example in the extremely asymmetrical body of the guitar (more exaggerated than for example the Jazzmaster or the Jaguar). But also the color schemes of the guitars are extreme and special. What do you think for example of Cosmic Jade or Belair Blue (these versions are equipped with a dark pau ferre fingerboard) More traditional are the versions and Silver Burst and, my favorite: 3-color Sunburst. 

Fender Meteora HH colors

The Meteora Sunburst consists of two parts, a body of Alder with a neck and fingerboard of maple. The large pickguard contains a tone control for each element and a global volume control with S-1 switch to split the elements. Under the pickguard there is a milled out space between the humbuckers that fits a single coil. Who knows, maybe we will see a model with an HSH configuration appear on the market in the future? Who knows?

The element selector switch is on the top of the guitar. A two-point tremolo is mounted on the bridge, which is floating tuned (it also allows you to raise the notes a little). Headstock of the guitar has a real Stratocaster look and is finished in high gloss. The rest of the neck has a silk gloss finish. The guitar is fitted with 22 medium jumbo frets and has 6 locking tuners. The fingerboard has a flat 12-inch radius and, also because of the C-profile with the rounded edges, sits comfortably in the hand. The weight is average and appropriate for this type of guitar.  

Exploring the Player Plus Meteora Guitar Models | Player Plus | Fender

This guitar comes standard with 0.009 strings with a low action: the guitar plays wonderfully light. Of course it’s perfectly possible to put a heavier set of strings on the Meteora, and to raise the action a bit, should you prefer to feel a bit more resistance. 


Fender Meteora HH

The two Fireball humbuckers have a typical Fender sound, a clear sound with an emphasis on the high and low frequencies, with some more output. The sound is great for alternative pop and rock, but also for country, for example. It does not come close to the wame and fat sounds of, for example, a Les Paul or a superstrat and that makes this guitar less suitable for, for example, hard rock and metal. 

Fender Player Plus Meteora HH Demo

The S-1 switch helps to quickly clean up the sound, but the sound of the split humbuckers is a bit less inspiring than the full sound of the humbuckers (and again a bit flatter than the sound of single coils). The tremelo is comfortable to hold and there are no sharp edges or protruding screws anywhere. The lever is a bit wobbly, but with a spring or some Teflon tape around the screw thread, this is easy to solve. 

Customer Reviews

Just got mine from Fender, and I am in love with everything about this guitar. It’s not nearly as big as the photos make the body appear, the rolled edges on the neck are great (like on my player plus Strat), but most importantly this guitar has such a wide range of tones. It feels like two guitars, especially with the single coil split button on the volume knob.

This thing is amazing. It is the right mix between a Strat and a Jazzmaster. I love the fireball pickups and the S1 switch gives some awesome tonal options for single coil twang. Weight wise it feels like a strat or a jaguar. Rolled fretboard feels great, neck is a c shape similar in feel to a Les Paul but with a super nice satin finish. Overall this thing is an absolute beast!


  • Comporfortable and unique shape
  • Excellent low-output sounds of the humbuckers.
  • Pretty light weight for a big guitar: ergonomic guitar, balancing well.


  • Unique shape requires special stand.
  • Coil-splits are rather thin.
  • Not everybody likes the Fender logo engraved in the pickups.

Fender Meteora HH – Alternatives

Rivolta Mondata

Rivolta Mondata

The Mondata has a bound neck, double-bound chambered mahogany body, and inlays made of old pearloid. The Firebird pickups will produce a powerful, crisp tone; just picture humbuckers that sound like FAT single coils. The two switch arrangement offers you access to all potential pickup combinations if variety is your thing.

Yamaha Revstar Standard RSS02T

Yamaha Revstar RSS02T

This Yamaha Revstar Standard RSS02T is part of the second generation of the popular Revstar series. It is a stylish electric guitar inspired by the Yamaha café racer motorcycles.

The base is formed by a chambered mahogany body with a maple top. As a result, you can count on an instrument with excellent resonance, fine weight and perfect balance.

PRS S2 Vela

PRS S2 Vela Satin SH McCarty TS

With the S2 line, PRS has truly produced something significant. It has a wide tonal range, is exquisitely constructed, and has a great sound and feel.

The PRS S2 Vela guitar is an excellent purchase at an excellent price. This guitar is the ideal all-purpose instrument and is likely to last for many years.


There is no longer any noticeable difference between this Mexico-built guitar and many American models. The finish is sublime and detailed and the build quality is not inferior to more expensive Fenders. The hardware, such as the locking tuners and tremolo, is also excellent. The tremolo bar could have worked a little better right out of the box, but that’s a detail. The Fireball humbuckers give the guitar a unique sound that is a welcome addition to the more familiar sound of stratocasters and telecasters. The Fender Meteora will undoubtedly not appeal to everyone, but that’s okay. The Meteora is a surprising guitar for futuristic guitarists. 

Fender Meteora HH

Fender Meteora HH horiz

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